Black Knights

On the 7th of August, Club Marine Staffs and members went to catch the Black Knights in action and we had a blast. The Black Knights were doing a  aerial display on the Jubilee weekend to celebrate SG50.

We Set of on the Meridian 441 from Keppel Marina once everyone arrived. it was 10 30am when we set off.P1090575

The weather started out great. sunny day with strong windP1090603P1090598P1090627P1090671

Once we reached the location where the show will be, we anchored the yacht and got comfortable.P1090752P1090776P1090793

Once the show started, the Black Knights roared through the skies and everyone whipped out their handphones.P1090831P1090844

After the show, we went over to Lazarus Jetty as the water there is calmer. We set together and ate the lunch.P1090906

While we were eating, guess who popped by on our jetskis!P1090909

Our Members! They went to view the air show too and they brought the whole family together!P1090925P1090987

Of cause, we shared our lunch with everyone and they shared theirs with us. after Lunch, we decided to have some fun and inflated the tube.P1100027

Everyone loved tubing!P1100033

Mandatory family shot with the yacht. they got so excited that they started asking about renting the yacht 😉 Of cause it is available for our members~Untitled-1

After awhile, it started to pour, but that didn’t stop us from having fun!P1100041IMG_2298

Before the sun sets, we bid farewell to our members and their family. Everyone had an awesome day despite the weather! Who says you can boat when it rains?P1100124

The Floating Restaurant (Freshness at its Freshest)

“Where and what can we do when we go boating?”. This is a very common question i often come across during our Free Preview sessions. Being an inexperienced fresh graduate who know nuts about the sea, i head off to Google for the answer. Sadly, i was not able to find anything. “Is there really nowhere to go?” i asked myself. It was then when i started asking around, Vincent, our members, etc and i found out a few gems in Singapore. I then decide to document them down so YOU know where to go for you next trip 🙂 altas! my quest to hunt down boating spots begins.

First up you would not believe this, but i found a Restaurant out at sea. I did not believe it myself.

It was slightly drizzling when we set off for the restaurant from Punggol, but we arrived safely.P1080461-1024x509

Once we arrived, we berthed our boat, tie it up real nice and head into the restaurant.P1080488-1024x509

Went i stepped into the restaurant, i was awed at the size. This is the Dining and chilling area. they have another big room on the left of this, and a huge sheltered open space.P1080486-1024x246

Behind the restaurant, you will be able to find a huge fish farm. i bet this is where they get their seafood.P1080494-1024x247

At the Kelong, you can fish your own dinner, or just fish and bring it back home.P1080511-1024x509P1080521-1024x509

Fishing sure works up an appetite as everyone was already hungry. We then set down and ordered our dinner

Fish Maw SoupP1080530-1024x509

Clams the Size of the spoonP1080531-1024x674

Salted egg PrawnP1080534


The Main Dish. Their fishes weight ranges from 800g~1kg. and it cost $35 onlyP1080541-1024x576

The meal was great! i don’t think the food can get any fresher then this.P1080549-1024x509

The cost of the mealP1080553

After chilling for a bit more, we headed back as it was starting to rain.P1080558-1024x576

If you are a Club Marine Member, you can rent the boats from Punggol and head over to the restaurant, if unsure, you can always check with Vincent on the direction. If you are not a member, you can always hop onto a bumboat at Changi.

For Club Marine Members, we manage to work something out with the restaurant. if you are heading over, do give joyce a call to see what perks we got for you 🙂


Top 5 Reasons to Boat by Club Marine

1. It Brings People Together
One of the great things about boating is that it emphasis on personal relationship. There is no TV, no video games, or any other distractions. Spending time with loved ones on water creates an atmosphere that brings you closer and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

2.Boating Eliminates Stress
Do a simple search on google and you will find multiple threads on how stressful Singapore is, be it work, school etc. Boating is like a mini-vacation from all this worries where it provides freedom, independence and empowerment. A 2005 National Marine Manufacturers Association Survey shows that boating is among the top three stress relieving activities. So what are you waiting for? Feel the wind in your hair and breathe in the fresh air. Leave all your worries on shore and have a good time with your family and friends.

3. Boating is healthy!
Boating is exercise. It is not aerobic unless you are in a canoe race, or paddling a kayak into a stiff headwind. Every muscle in your body works in a boat. Even when you are just sitting at anchor your body is working as the boat rocks and rolls. You are also getting lots of fresh air and Vitamin D (but don’t forget your Sunblock!).

4. Boating is affordable
One of the biggest misconception about boating is that it’s expensive. What most people don’t know is that you can rent a boat for less then $500 in Singapore. That’s even cheaper then some designer bags.

5. Boat Clubs
Boat Clubs Makes Boating affordable for everyone. The main benefit of joining a boat club is that is is hassle free. Besides the humongous cost of buying and shipping a boat to Singapore, the running cost of berthing, effort of maintaining and repairing, the biggest problem people face with owning their own washing a boat down after every use.

Tell us the reason YOU boat or what is stopping you from boating!


The Heart of Boating

From the 6th to 16th, 3/4 of the Staff of Club Marine visited the Miami’s International Boat Show. If you are looking for a event of water activity, the Miami’s International Boat Show is the place to be.

But a few days prior the show, we have been warming ourselves up by catching up with past friends and making new friends and dealers all around Florida.





But enough of people shaking hands, Lets walkthrough the whole trip together.

Day 0:

After the grueling flight of 21 hours, we arrived at Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale when the sun has set. We headed to our accommodation to rest and prepare for the next day.

Day 1:

Despite having Comfortable beds and a proper room for rest, everyone could not get a good night sleep due to jet lag and are up at 6am in the morning. we got ready and decided to head out to our first destination.

7am and the sun is already up! Guess which ride is ours!


We dropped by Walgreens first to get some snacks. look at the tired but happy faces.


First Stop, Marine Connection.


Marine Connection have been selling and exporting boats ever since 1987 and it is South Florida’s Top Rated boat dealer! well at its that is what they say. But look at all the blings on the wall! Definitely a well established dealer.



Look at the wide variety of boats!



The boat below is a whopping 39′ Top Gun Unlimited. A performance boat by cigarette racing, it contains not 1, but 2 Mercury Racing Staggered 700 SCi engines. if i am not wrong, that is a total of 1400Hp! gosh.


After Marine Connection, we decided to head for lunch at the Festival Flee Market at Pompano Beach.



After Lunch, we went to visit an old friend, Marco, at Riva Motorsports.



Riva Motorsports is the premier source for personal watercraft performance parts and accessories.


Marco is actually the person who brought in our first 6 Jetskis into Singapore.



Riva Motorsports not only deals with watercrafts, they generally deal with all motorsports.



Kenny was so excited when he saw the Can Am section. I won’t be surprise if I see him driving 1 down the road of Singapore soon!


After the visit to Riva Motorsports, we headed down to Bahia Mar Yachting Center. Bahia Mar is actually a Hotel with a Yachting Center right beside.



These photos do not do the Yachting Center justice. Lets do a size comparison with the Marina @ Sentosa Singapore.

The Marina @ Sentosa has a total of 343 wet and dry berthing space.

Guess how many berthing space does Bahia Mar have….


Barhia Mar has a total of 5000 Berthing Space. Gosh!


They even have boat clubs at the Yachting Center. Rates are roughly 300USD for 4 hours. That’s even more expensive than Club Marine!


The Jungle Queen! It provides a package where it ferries people to their private island where there are buffet and entertainment. And it only cost US$50! What’s even better, it is cheaper on Groupon. If only we checked Groupon first.


Headed home after Dinner and that Sums up Day 1.

Day 2:

Today is Sunday and most of the dealers are closed. so what can we do if we cant work? SHOPPING!

Sawgrass Mills is the seventh Largest Mall in US. its so huge, a simple search online for the place and you can easily see people recommending you to wear comfortable shoes there.

You know what factory outlet means! Cheap branded goods! and the whole mall is filled with them.


We were so busy shopping we forgot to take pictures.


We shopped for the whole day and we still could not cover the whole mall. Don’t worry Sawgrass Mill.. i will be back.

Day 3:

It’s Monday! And we decided to take a trip down to check out a Culture that is only present. The Culture of RVs. RVs is short for Recreational Vehicle. It is essentially a motorized vehicle with a home build into it.



How would you feel if you can shift your home wherever you want? With RVs, it is very possible.


And it cost less than a 3 rooms HDB!


How about a test drive first?

Can’t believe it is so wide yet it is possible to drive on the road? It is because the walls are RETRACTABLE! Look at the amount of space saved!

and up next is the sole purpose why we come to check out the RVs……….

The AirStream! They look so much more slick compared to the classic RVs


Look at the width! 2 grown men yet still so much space left.



wait a minute…. is he buying 1 already?!?


After spending half a day learning more about RVs, we headed down to Boats International.

This is Freddie, our point of contact for Boats International.



Nothing beats fresh air and coffee~


Look at the size of the cabin


After we were done, we moved on to the last stop for the day. West Marine. as we alighted from the car a rainbow greeted us. Of course a photo would be required.



West Marine has almost everything related to boats! from electronics……


To Clothes….


To canoes…


To anchors..

and even cleaning and polishing accessories.


I think we even saw a Dolphin shaped tube.

We headed home after Dinner to prepare to move to Miami the next day.

Day 4:

The day started early for us as we attended a BNI session in Miami.



Apparently, the BNI meeting format is the same everywhere.



After the meeting, we made our way to Miami Beach!


as we drive closer and closer to Miami, more and more Yacht starts appearing by the side of the road.

and look at this!


After an hour drive, we have arrived!


Once we reached, we dropped our things and head of to Walmart.



Look at the Size of Walmart. We got separated and had to look for each other.


After grocery Shopping, we went back to our apartment and made dinner.


After Dinner, we went to walk along the Lincoln Road Mall for a while then we called it a night.

Day 5:

1 more day till the start of the Yacht show, we decided to recce the beach. The highlight of Miami.


Look at the color of the water. Unbelievable.


I wonder how women and men stand the cold wind being in Swimwears.


Day 6:

It is that start of the Miami International Boat Show. Itinerary for the day is to walk through the whole of the Convention Center.


Carefree Boat Club. Apparently Boat Clubs are very popular in the US. How Carefree Boat Club works is a 1 time initial payment of US$3500 and a monthly payment of US$200, even if you don’t use the boats! and there is a lock-in period of 1 year! Gosh that’s a total of US$5700. and think about it! everyone is a boater in Florida, imagine the limited number of slots available. D:




the first debut of the Seven Marine 627Hp engine. The world largest and most powerful outboard engine currently.


The new Evinrude G2 engine. the Design is so differnt compared to other outboards.


The 50′ Marauder GT S. A joint work by Cigarette Racing and Mercedes AMG.


Chris Craft Cruiser! Don’t you think they look super American?16631074685_7c96bac7e4_h

Pontoon Boats! so much space.



More Performance Boats. If I’m not wrong this are the equivalent of McLaren and Ferrari of F1.


Day 7:

Now we’ve seen the boats. what is left is to test ride!


Checking out the Yamaha Jetboat. Jetboats are boats that are propelled by a jet of water being ejected from the back of the craft, similar to a Jetski. Unline a powerboat which uses a propeller in the water below, a jetboat draws the water from under the boat into a pump and expels it through a nozzle at the stern.



and we drove pass Jennifer Lopez house! next time can go there lim kopi.


This is Dr Ira, the owner of Silverton Yacht, and the yacht at the back is his personal 70′ fishing boat. the size of that thing is massive.


Guess who we ran into.. Chairman Bao from Ronde Boats!16444267058_e25cea22b9_h

Behold! the pontoon boats. Look how spacious a Pontoon Boat is!

A pontoon boat is actually a flattish boat that relies on pontoons to float. and a pontoon is a floatation device with buoyancy sufficient to float itself as well as a heavy load.


And the pontoon boat is surprisingly stable! Could this be the new fleet? only time will tell!


There is even a Mini Bar at the rear of the boat16652656515_18ecd8fd5f_b13

Pontoon Boats with a slide. kids will love it. imagine a BBQ pit at the other end. a perfect evening for your favorite loved ones.


All aboard the Cutwater.


and we ran into another friend! he was the one who got us our Rinker boats! Look at them catching up on old times.


Massive 1200Hp Rib. better fasten your seat belt.


And now, lets take a look at a Silverton. Ain’t she a beaut!


Look at the Space of the Cabin in the Silverton.


Wont it be nice to have this available for rental in Singapore? it might be possible soon~


A even bigger Silverton. I think it was love at first sight for Kenny.


This Sums up the Trip to Miami International Boat Show. Check out more photos on our Flickr account by clicking on any of the photo in this post, and find out how you can join us in the next trip!

It’s Always About the Members


On 8 August, one day before our National Day, Joyce send out an email to our members for their feedback on how have we been doing so far and how can we further improve ourselves. This is our first reply and it was very encouraging not only for me but also our team.

The following is what Alvin has shared and the slideshow above features his time with family.


1. What did you like best about joining Club Marine?
The team! Very friendly and always ready to assist! You guys have been great!
Of course the financial & time benefits of the ability to use a boat (and with many choices at that) and yet not to have to worry abt the maintenance and financial hassle that usually comes with boat ownership especially for busy Singaporeans!

2. Why did you join Club Marine in the first place?
My first contact point was with Kenny, and I liked the idea of giving my family and friends the boating experience. I had passed the PPCDL but didn’t have a chance to practice what I’ve learnt. So when I chanced upon ClubMarineAsia, I was very eager to Join! No regrets!

3. What results have you achieved after went through our Jetski / Boating proficiency training?
It’s like learning how to drive on a Suzuki/Toyota and then immediately jump into a Ferrari! Sounds silly right, but that’s exactly what it felt like when I took my PPCDL on the test boat then moving on the the Rinker! The training really builds the confidence and “Fun-ness” of boating! I am always very keen to share this with family and friends because this is not something one gets to experience often!

4. Is there anything you would have liked to see done differently? If so, what?
I’ve always wanted to bring my family on an overnight weekend trip. So that would probably require a bigger cabin boat. My mum would have loved to have somewhere to hide from the sun and have a cup of coffee! Hint hint! 🙂

Maybe also a “guidebook” on suggestions what we can do on our next outing!

5. Would you recommend Club Marine? If so, why and to whom?
Oh yes! Of course! And I have been talking to friends about you guys!! For all the reasons above!


Alvin, Thank you so much for the very encouraging words. With regards to the “Guidebook”, I think it is a great idea. We will create this guidebook using the blog as the platform.

Is this Good or Great?


Kenny Tham

Friendship At The Lazarus Island


9 friends comfortably in a 26 ft Rinker 246 BR. Heading to Southern Island from RSYC


Dropping off the passengers.


Don’t get the items wet.


Setting up the picnic site.


Launching off from the boat.


We are not alone, look at the boats behind.


Cheers for friendship!


Childhood game, “The Dog and Bone”


That’s how everyone looks chasing after a bottle.


See that yacht right behind our boat, its the Azimut 116. $17,000 for 4 hours charter.


Next childhood game, forgot what it calls. Just don’t let the opponents cross over the other side : )


Coming towards the end of the day.


Cross over to Sentosa Cove for dinner before heading back to RSYC.


Dinner sponsored by Tan Kiat Beng. Yes, this guy with a big smile. He doesn’t know he is footing the bill yet hehe…..


First Sea Trial From RSYC To SAF Yacht Club








Arrival Of Our First 2 Boats At Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club